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Steve and Donna Ahearn

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Our Philosophy

Our mission is simple! Supply our customers with the best product possible from "Farm to Table" by using up-to-date, sustainable agricultural practices and giving our animals a healthy natural environment in which to thrive. We treat our animals humanely in a calm, stress free, clean and comfortable environment. 

Steve and Donna Ahearn

How Is Our Beef Different?

Our beef is primarily the Long Horn breed or cross bred to Long Horn which produces a delicious cut of beef and a more nutritional and healthier beef, which in itself is genetically lower in "Fat and Cholesterol" than other beef including Buffalo! (See nutritional fact sheet)

Most other beef producers will not use Long Horn cattle because:

  1. They have horns; so our animals take longer to work.
  2. They take longer to grow and have smaller frames (less meat per animal)
  3. Producers receive a lower premium when animals go through the sale barns (due to smaller frames, horns and multi-color hides)

So other producers tend to stay away from them. However, if you are looking for a delicious, healthier alternative to your every day run-of-the-mill commercial beef, then you need to give our Long Horn beef a try!

Lower Fat and Lower Cholesterol = a delicious healthier beef for you and your family!

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